Buying And Selling Wholesale Fashion Shoes

If you have an online fashion website or store or if you sell or trade on eBay, you may be considering purchasing wholesale fashion shoes. Before you spend any money, there are a few things to keep in mind about buying any merchandise of this type.

Purchasing the Shoes

There are two ways to purchase wholesale fashion shoes: in bulk or direct from a wholesaler. Your specific needs and your operation size will determine the best method for you.

Bulk Buying

Wholesalers offer fashion shoes at much lower prices than retailers, but they expect buyers to buy in bulk and almost always will have a minimum order requirement. This means that a buyer will have to commit to buying a minimum number of pairs, typically anywhere from a dozen up to a hundred pairs at a time before the discount is applied.

Who the Wholesaler Will Work With

Typically the wholesaler will only work with buyers who can prove they are operating a business. This means the wholesaler may ask a buyer to prove they operate a business by showing receipts for purchases from other wholesalers or they may as to see a buyer’s Tax ID number or a certificate of registration.

Some wholesalers are easier to work with than others and generally the smaller operations are easier to build a working relationship with than a bigger operation may be. It may just take time to build a working relationship with a wholesaler, but do not give up, just keep working at it.

Where to Buy Wholesale Footwear

There are many shoe wholesalers, both brick and mortar and online. If possible, try and find a wholesaler locally because it is easier to build a relationship if the wholesaler is close. It also saves money on shipping if the wholesaler is close.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Shoes

1. Research what’s selling. Know how much the shoes are selling for and which styles are

selling. Remember to factor in not only the price paid, but the processing and delivery

costs and times as well, when calculating costs and expected net.

2. Negotiate the final price. Even though the wholesaler may have a set price on their

website or on the shoes, many will negotiate. It certainly does not hurt to

ask and as a working relationship is built, negotiating should get easier.

3. Check the details on the merchandise. Typically shoes are sold in cases, so always check

each case to ensure there is a range of sizes in each case. It would not be good

to end up with a case of all the same pair of shoes in the same size. Those would be very difficult to sell.

Make Some Money:

Wholesale shoes can certainly turn a profit, but it pays to do the upfront research so the buyer has a good handle on what is popular and is selling and what they are selling for. The buyer will also need to know how much it will cost to get the shoes delivered, marketed and then shipped to the customer so that all costs can be calculated. Once all costs are determined, then a selling price can be set and expected profits can be determined. Wholesale fashion shoes make a great addition to any online or bricks and mortar fashion store.